TABLE reference_seaports
TABLE COMMENT A reference list of seaports
ROWS 14300
ID Unique ID given to Seaport entry int(11) PRI 1 NO
Country The ISO Alpha 2 letter code of the country the Sea Port resides in varchar(255) 255 2 YES
Location The "LOCODE" 3-character code for the location derived from the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations varchar(255) 255 3 YES
Name The name of the location the seaport resides in varchar(255) 255 MUL 4 YES
NameWoDiacritics names of the location of seaport which have been allocated a UN/LOCODE without diacritic signs. varchar(255) 255 5 YES
Subdivision contains the ISO 1-3 character alphabetic and/or numeric code for the administrative division of the country concerned (state, province, department, etc.), as included in International Standard ISO 3166-2/1998 and when deemed desirable to enhance the use of the code, or when requested by the country concerned. varchar(255) 255 6 YES
Status indicates the status of the entry by a 2-character code, e.g. whether approved by Government, by Customs, or based on a user requirement not necessarily recognised by an authority, etc. It is also intended to show the status of checking, e.g. that function indicators are not verified. varchar(255) 255 7 YES
Function contains a 8-digit function classifier code for the location, where: 0 A value "0" in the first position specifies that the functional use of a location is not known and is to be specified. 1 Specifies that the location is a Port, as defined in UN/ECE Recommendation 16. 2 Specifies that the location is a Rail terminal. 3 Specifies that the location is a Road terminal. 4 Specifies that the location is an Airport. 5 Specifies that the location is a Postal exchange office. 6 Value reserved for multimodal functions, ICDs etc. 7 Value reserved for fixed transport functions (e.g. oil platform). B Specifies that the location is Border crossing varchar(255) 255 8 YES
Date displays the last date when the location was updated/entered double 9 YES
IATA varchar(255) 255 10 YES
Coordinates varchar(255) 255 11 YES
Remarks varchar(255) 255 12 YES
Enabled char(1) 1 13 YES
lat double(11,7) 14 YES
lon double(11,7) 15 YES