TABLE reference_vessel_catch_ps
TABLE COMMENT Purse Seine Vessel Catche data sourced from SPC Tufman and Dorado systems
ROWS 19941
catch_id SPC issued catch id in GUID format char(36) 36 1 YES
year Fishing Year e.g. 2020 char(4) 4 2 YES
flag_code Vessel Flag e.g. TW char(2) 2 3 YES
vessel_name Vessel Name e.g. NIKKO MARU NO. 1 varchar(120) 120 4 YES
depart_date Date of port departure e.g. 31/11/2019 date 5 YES
return_date Date of port return e.g. 31/12/2019 date 6 YES
logdate Date the catch is logged e.g. 21/12/2019 date 7 YES
month Month of the fishing set e.g. 12 int(11) 8 YES
lat Latitude in decimal degrees e.g. 3.17961666666667 decimal(11,8) 9 YES
lon Longditude in decimal degrees e.g. 155.394783333333 decimal(11,8) 10 YES
set_start Time of the fishing set e.g. 1755 time 11 YES
school_id School ID e.g. 4 tinyint(4) 12 YES
eez_code The EEZ of the fishing set e.g. FM char(2) 2 13 YES
activity_code The Activity code as set in the SPC/FFA regional logsheet e.g. 2 tinyint(4) MUL 14 YES
skj_mt The amount of skipjack in metric tonnes e.g. 20.23 decimal(11,3) 15 YES
bet_mt The amount of big eye tuna in metric tonnes e.g. 106.29 decimal(11,3) 16 YES
yft_mt the amount of yellow fin in metric tonnes e.g. 50.10 decimal(11,3) 17 YES
ffa_vid The unique vessel id issued by FFA to the vessel int(11) 18 YES
wcpfc_vid The unique vessel id issued by the WCPFC to the vessel int(11) 19 YES
mmsi The Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies the vessel char(9) 9 20 YES